Message from Elizaveta Glinka - Spravedlivaya Pomosch Обращение Елизаветы Глинки

Spravedlivaya Pomosch — Message from Elizaveta Glinka

A nine-year-old boy calmly says, "Mom is going to die soon" ...

A man clenches his fists as he helplessly watches his loved one slip away in agony.

A mother is losing her child. Her eyes turn to me when she says: "Tell me he isn't dying. Please, tell me! .. "

A sick woman from the Novgorod region writes letters every month, thanking us for the diapers she receives, because now she doesn't have to lie in bed wet.

Another letter - Parents of a child with disabilities write: "Nobody will help us. Forgive us for disturbing you…"

A crying 15 year old girl is sitting among the belongings of her dying mother, holding a birthday card she received 10 years ago. The card says, "Anya, You are five years old. Grow up happy. Your Mom."

The homeless, abandoned by family, state and society, powerless and desperate: "Help, I can't do this anymore!"

Someone who just lost their loved one: "Elizaveta, if heaven is on earth, then what is hell like?"

These are the stories of our patients - the people you will not see on the streets; almost everyone turns away from them.

They smile when you hold their hand. They are at ease when they know that there are those who may not be able to give hope, but will not take it away either. They write, call, wait, love.

They are living and breathing people, who suffer. They are different from us only because they know how much time they have left. Someone has more, someone has less.

Love cannot be denied. It cannot be forced either. Everyone makes their choice.

A nun once said, "Charity is freedom." I consider that to be the core of our foundations' work. We equally value our patients and those, who chose to help them with their donations.
Because all help to such patients - is priceless. Any and all.

We are trying to help those, who can no longer find help anywhere else - regardless of their religious beliefs, origin and social status.

Help us help them.

Thank you,
Dr. Liza
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